About Louie Davis

My career has been in the Jan/San industry. I began in direct B2B distribution sales with two different distributors in Huntsville, Alabama, then moved into territory management as a Regional Manager with Spartan Chemical Company  Toledo, Ohio. After five years with Spartan, I became Director of Sales with the largest Jan/San Food Packaging distributor in Alabama, Central Paper Company.I served as Director of Sales for fifteen years. I managed  accounts for a few years and now serve as Business Development Manager. I help with talent development, head up our Acute Care team, work wih governmental accounts through a cooperative purchasing program, manage our digital marketing efforts and spend time selling and managing food processing accounts.

My very talented wife, Catherine, owns C4 Creative. C4 performs a number of marketing services from graphic design, web and social media management, commercial writing, print, press releases, and video production. I serve as her sometimes photographer, videographer, courier, and box toter. My business skills have been expanded and sharpened by exposure to Catherine’s business.

I am a writer. My work for a couple of industry magazines can be found at Cleanlink.com ( or at the  My Articles heading on this site). Through C4 I write digital content and other commercial work. Catherine and our son Daniel are gifted writers. I guess it’s a family thing.


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